The world needs more medical leaders!

Medics make great lovers leaders

So why am I writing this blog?

As a Doctor, dealing with patients, paperwork and the general cut and thrust of clinical work can feel like a real challenge. On top this, the added responsibilities of managing staff and running your team or practice can feel like an unwanted chore. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Leading teams towards change and improvements can be incredibly rewarding. It will amplify the positive impact you have on your colleagues, organizations and patients.

Leadership was conspicuous by its absence in my under and postgraduate medical training. I’m told that this situation is improving. However, there are generations of doctors out here who have reached leadership positions without ever giving the topic much thought.

Clinicians have spent years honing their communication, critical thinking, judgment and decision making skills. We have the potential to have a huge positive impact as leaders.

What is this blog about and who is it for?


This blog is here to share my reflections on leadership, innovation and technology as a GP working in the UK. I will sometimes stray onto my other interests in personal development and technology. I hope to encourage other doctors, medical students, nurses and other health sector workers to think and talk about these important concepts.

We will keep politics, complaints and axe grinding to a minimum. There are other places for this. (Edit: It took just two weeks and a political referendum for me to abandon this aim.)

Who is Dr Puddle?

Dr Puddle is a pseudonym. I won’t be saying anything controversial or blowing any whistles. But, writing under a different name will give me some space and freedom to loosen up, express myself and practice writing without feeling self conscious.

So, it is my pleasure to introduce myself…

My name is Dr Puddle and my fictitious place of work is Middle Street Surgery, Gloucester, in rainy England.

Stay tuned for exciting posts coming soon!


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