Care Homes, Technology, COVID – eGPLearning Live Update 23 May 2020

Join Andy and Gandhi in the latest eGPLearning Live Update!

In this Saturday morning live discussion, we explore digital primary care and a focus on care home work, social media use by practices and more. 

The NHS England letter to Primary Care on 1/5/20 brought care homes back into spotlight. We consider how PCNs and practices can use technology and think differently to meet the needs of care homes both now and after October 2020 when the new PCN Care Home Service Specifications begin.

Featured article:

We talk about:
  • The Care home DEST
  • he NHS England funding
  • How to arrange MDT meetings
  • Can economies of scale help?
  • The tech you may want to use
  • Fair share of patients vs geographic spread
  • How will the service be evaluated?

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Are video consultations the future of General Practice? – eGPLearning PodBlast

eGPLearning Podblast Video Consultations Nov 2018

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We are also trying something new this episode. We are recording a behind the scenes video as special content for our youtube followers.

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Welcome to those watching us on youtube…

We are trying something new we are recording a behind the scenes video as special content for our youtube followers.

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Introducing the NHS App – eGPLearning Podblast

Welcome to our deep dive episode on the upcoming NHS app – which we cover multiple areas of primary care and patient care. A highly opinionated episode which we encourage your comments and feedback on.

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2.25 Andy has had a cold and been on a cruise

2.40 Gandhi has also had a holiday, working on TipThursday especially the Kardia Alivekor episode with a free resource on the episode available here.

3.30 Today we are talking about the upcoming NHS app


We are going to talk about the app. This was inspired by a great article by our friends at Gizmodo.

The intentions behind the app are exactly what you might expect: Make it easier for patients to access healthcare services, cut down on administrative burden, and eventually provide a means to connect with other health apps, like Fitbit and Apple’s Health app.

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Dr Damocles looks for a new partner

And I’m back!..

Following a break from blogging and sketching…

I return with this sketch to reflect on Dr Nigel Watson’s review of the GP Partnership model, Kindly commissioned by then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP.

Dr Damocles searches for a new GP Partner… From a distance and to the untrained eye, his gilded position looks sound. He does great work for his his patients. He is valued by his community. He is respected. But, Dr A. Millennial is worried. Many swords hang by threads above head and there is a rising tide at their feet. And she has many other options…


Damocles of Syracuse

Ex Medica – A student documentary about AI in medicine

Three students from Vision West Nottinghamshire College  have made a short documentary about AI in medicine featuring an interview with yours truly.

They made contact through this blog having read some of my previous articles on AI in medicine and seeing that I was based near their college.

It was a pleasure to meet with Oliver, Lucy and Sam and be filmed at my surgery. They asked some great questions.

I was shocked in the film to see how much I say “erm”.

Must work on that…

We talked about how AI may soon be supporting, or even outperforming and replacing humans in certain tasks. Particularly those involving the understanding and weighing of complicated information, applying algorithmic rules to make predictions and draw conclusions, especially when consistency and low rates of error are important. This includes a large part of what doctors, health workers and many other professionals do on a day to day basis.

AI looks set to challenge humans in many of those professions which have traditionally been seen as a good bet by students for steady employability and decent pay.

I commented that in choosing to study, film, a field that draws on creativity and originality to entertain other humans, they might have made a smart choice in terms of their future job chances and pay.

Artistic and artisan pursuits require a human touch and a willingness to make mistakes. In order to truly have value for some people, others need to be challenged and to dislike.


“To err is human” and this has value. 


Perhaps there is hope for me and my “erms” after all.