PCN Breakfast 19/8/21 from Bulwell & Top Valley PCN – What is a Primary Care Network?

In this video I go back to basics and talking about what a primary care network is. Maybe worth sharing

Building Back Better General Practice

Gandhi and Andy reflect on how to build UK General Practice back better following the pandemic.

We reflect on the PulseOnline survey and campaign “Building Better General Practice”.

Thanks to Pulse: https://www.pulsetoday.co.uk/views/editors-blog/business-as-usual/

Topics discussed…

– Why is General Practice in Trouble?

– State of GP Partnership model

– Merits and problems of the small/medium sized business based model

– New/recent efforts to progress models… Mergers, Super Practices, Federations, PCNs…

– Finally, we give our manifestos for the future…

BTV PCN Video Update 13 Aug 21

General Practice and Primary Care are so busy these days, it can be difficult to communicate with practices, staff and patients about Primary Care Networks.

In this video I give an update about what is going in in the Bulwell & Top Valley Primary Care Network.

More video updates and communications may follow… follow on twitter…watch this space… and please engage and comment to make it a real conversation…