Building Back Better General Practice

Gandhi and Andy reflect on how to build UK General Practice back better following the pandemic.

We reflect on the PulseOnline survey and campaign “Building Better General Practice”.

Thanks to Pulse:

Topics discussed…

– Why is General Practice in Trouble?

– State of GP Partnership model

– Merits and problems of the small/medium sized business based model

– New/recent efforts to progress models… Mergers, Super Practices, Federations, PCNs…

– Finally, we give our manifestos for the future…

Care Homes, Technology, COVID – eGPLearning Live Update 23 May 2020

Join Andy and Gandhi in the latest eGPLearning Live Update!

In this Saturday morning live discussion, we explore digital primary care and a focus on care home work, social media use by practices and more. 

The NHS England letter to Primary Care on 1/5/20 brought care homes back into spotlight. We consider how PCNs and practices can use technology and think differently to meet the needs of care homes both now and after October 2020 when the new PCN Care Home Service Specifications begin.

Featured article:

We talk about:
  • The Care home DEST
  • he NHS England funding
  • How to arrange MDT meetings
  • Can economies of scale help?
  • The tech you may want to use
  • Fair share of patients vs geographic spread
  • How will the service be evaluated?

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